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Golden Sands Resort, Bulgaria

Golden Sands is famous for its long, clean, golden sand beaches. The seaside resort is a favourite destination for summer vacation for thousands of tourists, because of its beautiful nature, warm weather and nightlife!

In 1956 began the construction of the Golden Sands. 10 years later, there were already all the hotels that were to be built according to the original design. First, the hotels were built by the sea, then the houses in the so-called 2-nd and 3-rd row, which are not directly on the beach. Thus, an extensive program gradually began to roll, aimed at enforcing the country as a popular European destination for seaside holidays.

At the end of the 1990s, when the former state property passed into private hands, there was a boom in the construction of hotels in the resort. Since the year 2000, the Golden Sands is a completely privatized seaside resort and, then it started “his second life”. The large investments, over 500 million euros in recent years, which the new owners invested in the construction of hotels of higher category, renovation, and modernization of their property, in the improvement of infrastructure and the construction of new entertainment centres, contributed to this that Golden Sands has become a favourite destination for more and more guests from Europe and Bulgaria.


Golden Sands is the largest seaside resort on the northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It is located near Varna and has easy access to the highway and Varna Airport. The other seaside resorts nearby are Albena (11 km) and Balchik (22 km). Varna Airport is 25 km to the south, and Burgas Airport is approximately 150 km away.

The area in which today the seaside resort Golden Sands is situated was already known in early antiquity. For through them ran a Roman road that linked cities like Constantinople and Tomis. Here also traces of the ancient civilization of the Thracians were found. The story also reminds us of the brothers Hermann and Karel Shkorpil. Both are considered the founders of modern Bulgarian archaeology. Karel Shkorpil was among others one of the founders of the archaeological museum in Varna in 1888 and in 1901 the archaeological society in Varna. He was also the discoverer of Pliska, the capital of the First Bulgarian Empire. His grave is there, in Pliska, and his bust can be seen in the archaeological museum in Varna. There you can also see the world’s oldest gold treasure in the world, which was worked on by humans.

What to do in Golden Sands:

– Visit the water park “Aquapolis

It is located in the forest and has a unique view of the sea and the resort. You can also enjoy underwater adventures in the park “Harry’s Diving Center”.

– Explore the Natural Park “Golden Sands”

It was founded in 1943 and covers an area of ​​1320 ha. The forests of the park go along the coast, give way to Golden Sands, and reach the city of Varna. The area of ​​the park is covered with natural deciduous forests – various types of oak, such as moss-covered oak, Hungarian oak, hornbeam. The flora of the Natural Park includes about 500 species of plants. The most important among them are rare, endangered and protected – the winter snowdrop, the Caucasian primrose, and some orchids. Under protection are some rare and endangered animals – 70 birds: buzzard, hawk, hawk finch, etc. and 25 mammals: deer, wild boar, badgers, etc.

On the territory of the reserve is the rock monastery “Aladzha”, which was declared a cultural monument in 1957. You can also see the Catacombs caves, the basilica and ancient fortress from the IV-VII century, as well as remnants of a Slavic settlement. A unique experience is the Light Show that you can see in Aladzha Monastery.

– Relax on the beach of Golden Sands

The beach is 4 km long, up to 100 m wide and is known as one of the best beaches in Europe. It is flat, covered with fine sand. In addition to lying on the beach, you can also do various water sports.

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Golden Sands Resort

Golden Sands is a unique blend of a beautiful nature park, blue sea, and fine sand. We will welcome you warmly in Golden Sands, where the summer is long and warm, suitable for sunbathing from May to October. The seaside resort is a modern destination with many entertainment options and activities. Here is a list of our trips that you can book online when you spend your holidays in Golden Sands:

Golden Sands Resort


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