Top 7 Places to Visit in Varna City

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The best places to visit in Varna, Bulgaria

Varna is the second-largest city in Bulgaria and the biggest one on the Black Sea coast. It is famous as “The sea capital of Bulgaria”. Varna provides a lot of opportunities for tourism, as well as for business travellers. The city is preferred by many tourists spending the summer vacation on the north Black Sea region. The convenient location of Varna Airport and the summer resorts in the area: Albena, Balchik, Kranevo, Golden Sands, Sunny Day, St. St. Constantine & Helena etc., as well as the variety of things to do and attractions in Varna, make the destination desirable place in the summer. Whether you are travelling on business or on vacation, be sure to take the time to explore Varna and its sights.

Varna offers its guests many possibilities for pleasant experiences, entertainment and cultural tourism. Here are some ideas for sightseeing and the best places to visit in Varna:

#1 The Sea Garden in Varna

One of the symbols of the city is the Sea Garden. It takes 1st place in TripAdvisor’s traveller’s rating for attractions in Varna.

The famous park was designed at the end of the 19th century by Czech Anton Novak, a park-maker specializing in the Schönbrunn and Belvedere palaces in Vienna. In the Sea Garden are planted many different and even exotic tree kinds, worn by carts from Varna, Longoza, Strandzha, Mediterranean and Constantinople.

You won’t be surprised, that the park has earned its fame as the most beautiful park in the Balkans! Its alleys are colourful and well maintained, and the central promenade, called the Renaissance Alley is decorated with the statues of famous Bulgarian revolutionaries. You can run away from the hot sunshine and walk around the beautiful green garden in the park. From the Sea garden, you can get direct to the beach and the promenade, where numerous beach bars are waiting for you to offer you cocktails and refreshing drinks. Time is inconsequential when you are in Varna during the summer.

In the Sea garden are also the Summer Theater, a scene for most major cultural events; Astronomical Observatory, Aquarium, Sports Courses, Swimming Pool, Zoo and several museums. From the Sea garden, through the beach alley, you can reach the port.

#2 The port

Varna’s port is one of the most vibrant places in the summer. It is a favoured area for a walk, ride a bike and observe the sea and the fishermen. There are charming restaurants and cafes, and a duty-free shop. You can also get on the top of the breakwater, and take a walk to the lighthouse, where the views to Asparuhovo, cape Galata and the northern part of the beach are totally deserving. The port is a starting point for boat trips and yacht cruises. Through our website, you can reserve online Party Boat and Pirate party on a boat.

#3 Dolphinarium Varna

Festa Dolphinarium is one of the symbols of Varna city as well as of the Bulgarian tourism. It is one of a kind attraction in Bulgaria. You can enjoy the spectacular dolphin show held simultaneously in four languages: Bulgarian, English, German and Russian. The Dolphinarium was inaugurated in 1984, situated in the Seaside Garden of Varna and offers an amazing view over the sea. If you are visiting Varna with kids, we strongly suggest you do not miss to meet the dolphins. 🙂

#4 Roman Terms

The fourth-largest Roman terms in Europe are situated in Varna. The Roman baths are one of the most iconic public buildings of the ancient history of Odessos (the old name of Varna). They were built at the end of the 2nd century and for their time were impressive construction and as a facility, and as a place for public life.

The Roman Terms are located in the southeastern part of the modern city of Varna, close to the port, and are among the most well preserved architectural monuments from the ancient period of the country. Nowadays, in the summer they’re open for tourists, and concerts are held in the belonging summer scene.

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#5 The city centre of Varna

The pedestrian area with its shops, restaurants and cafes offers as well as beautiful parks and gardens, fountains, and statues. There is easy access to the Sea garden with the beach and to the Cathedral. When visiting Varna, do not miss to walk around the city centre, which is very busy during the summer. You can participate in one of our tours “City tour Varna” and explore the city from a double-decker party-bus. Learn more here and reserve it online.

#6 Cathedral, “Assumption of the Virgin Mary”

The biggest Orthodox Christian cathedral in Varna, also known as “Dormition of the Mother of God” is worth the visit to observe the icons and decorations typical of Orthodox religions. The cathedral in Varna has been built in the period between 1883 – 1886 and is the second largest in Bulgaria after the “Alexander Nevsky” Cathedral in Sofia. The architect Maas from Odessa designed the building in honour of Bulgaria’s liberation in 1878.
Pay attention to the beautifully decorated stained glass windows representing four of the most important people who took part in creating the Cyrillic script – saints Cyril, Methodius, Clement of Ohrid and Angelarius.

#7 Museums in Varna

Varna is a popular destination for cultural tourism with many museums, historical exhibitions and monuments. More about the most popular museums in Varna, you will find in our next post.


Varna is a lovely city with a convenient pedestrian street, Viennese-style buildings, a beautiful Sea Garden and many opportunities for recreation and entertainment. With so many things to do and places to visit in Varna, the city undoubtedly should be on your list with destinations to explore. And if you want to know more places in the area, check here all excursions and tours from Varna:



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