Summer Resort Obzor, Bulgaria

Obzor is a relatively small summer resort, compared to the biggest cities Sunny Beach and Golden Sands. It is also a very calm and beautiful place, far away from the busiest noisy summer spots. You will find this small piece of land in the central part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast – on the main road between Varna and Burgas.

History of Obzor

The history of Obzor began more than 3 thousand years ago. The Thracians created their first settlements of “Naulohas” here. Later, in 1-st millennium BC Greek settlers founded the city of Heliopolis (that means “the sunny city”). In the 1-st century BC, the city was conquered by the Romans. They built a temple of Jupiter and the city received the name “Theopolis” (“God’s city”). The remains of this temple are preserved nowadays in the city centre. Later the summer residence of the Byzantine emperors was located here. The history continues with the Bulgarian fortress Kozyak that was built here. At the time of the Ottoman Empire remained the village of Gozeken (“Obzor” in Turkish). This name has been in use since 1936.

Location of Obzor:

The city enjoys a perfect location between the main cities on the Black Sea coast Varna and Burgas. Obzor has a convenient location, due to 2 nearby airports. Find here the best airport transfer options: Obzor is far from the crowded summer resorts, but with easy access to Sunny Beach and Sveti Vlas, where the party never stops.

Obzor is located in a bay, surrounded on the north by the Cape St. Athanasius and to the south by the Emine Mountain. This incredible combination of sea and mountain is the biggest advantage of the resort. This is the reason for a favourable climate, suitable for the treatment of various diseases of the respiratory and nervous system. The resort offers opportunities for tourism during each season.

– The beach in Obzor

Another thing you don’t know about Obzor is that the beach area is one of the longest in Bulgaria – about 10 km. Very beautiful are the southern beach and the Irakli beach, you can not miss them! The sand is golden and fine and you can find small cosy beach bars and nice restaurants on the promenade. The mountain Stara Planina surrounds the city, reaching the beach, so you can run away from the hot sunshine and walk around the green nature in the forest.

Obzor is the perfect place for families with children, young people or retirees. The resort offers big complexes, small hotels, guest houses and private rooms or apartments – everyone will find the best accommodation.

What to do in Obzor?

Obzor is the perfect place for relaxing and sunbathing on the beach. It provides all kinds of beach and summer sports, as well as a variety of sights and places to visit in the area.

If you are looking for nightlife experiences, you will definitely like the beach bars in Obzor. Moreover, the best party destination in Bulgaria – Sunny Beach is located 30 km south.

For those, who prefer to explore cultural monuments and churches, Nessebar – the most ancient seaside resort in Bulgaria is the right place.

– The city centre of Obzor

You can not miss the central part of Obzor with its small streets and green parks. You will be surprised by the beautiful park with fountains, the summer theatre and recreation areas, whose main focus is the remain of the ancient city of Heliopolis and fragments of the Late Roman temple of Jupiter. If you want to learn more about the history of Obzor, visit the Historical Museum, located close to the sea.

– Restaurant and Zoo Goritsa

It is located about 10 kilometres northern from Obzor in the direction of Varna and is a unique complex with a restaurant, park and Zoo Corner. The garden area is over 4000 square meters. Here you can see different types of animals and birds such as ponies, ducks, pheasants, wild pigs, ostriches, llamas, horses and more. Find more information here:

The best Excursions from Obzor:

During your stay in Obzor you can take advantage of numerous sport opportunities. Another option is to participate in cultural trips, wine tasting, mountain safari and more trips from Obzor. The best excursions and trips that you can reserve online on our website are:

 Day trip to Nessebar
Day trip to Nessebar

One of the UNESCO’s treasures in Bulgaria, Nessebar is a must for every tourist, visiting in Bulgaria. Learn more about the excursion to Nessebar and reserve online here:

 Excursion to Varna
Excursion to Varna

Explore the Sea Capital of Bulgaria! The perfect opportunity for shopping, visiting the Dolphinarium or having fun at the port. Learn what to visit in Varna in our blog:

Summer Resort Obzor

Obzor is one of the best summer destinations in Bulgaria, a favourite place for everyone, due to its lovely beach, beautiful nature and calm climate. If you are spending your vacation in Obzor, do not miss to explore the area and reserve some day trips that will enrich your time.

Summer Resort Obzor


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