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The tour operator is a legal entity “Varna City Tour” Ltd., owner of the website http://tours4you.online/, registered in Bulgaria, with registered office and address of management Varna, 9A Yanaki Bogdanov Str., Entered in the Commercial Register of the Republic of Bulgaria with UIN 200978370.

The tour operator has a certificate of registration № РК-01-6541 for tour operator activity, as well as № РК-01-6753 for tourist agency activity, issued on 04.03.2014 by the Ministry of Economy and Energy of the Republic of Bulgaria.


The tour operator declares that:

– all vehicles with which the tourist service (excursion) is carried out are insured according to the requirements of the Bulgarian legislation and as of the date of performing the service, they have valid insurance policies.

-all vehicles with which the tourist service (excursion) is executed meet all local, regional and national requirements for safety and health according to the Bulgarian legislation.

– the conditions for safety and health apply equally to all vehicles of the Tour Operator, regardless of whether they are his property, or are purchased on lease, or are long-term or short-term rented by other SUBCONTRACTORS. In all cases, the Tour Operator is responsible for ensuring full compliance with the safety and health conditions.


A client can be any natural person who has reached the age of 18 or a legal entity who has made a valid reservation and paid for the performance of the service.

Each client is obliged before completing the booking form and making a payment for the service, to familiarize himself with the content of these terms and conditions and to explicitly confirm that he is familiar with them, understands them and accepts their content. In the event that the reservation concerns several passengers, it is assumed that the person making the reservation confirms on behalf of the other passengers that he accepts these general conditions.


Reservation and payment

Each client is obliged to fill in the necessary information in the reservation form, providing complete, accurate and correct information about: date of the trip, city, number of passengers, exact time of departure. Babies and children are included in the total number of passengers and their indication in the reservation form is mandatory.

To complete the reservation of the service, the customer must pay the price indicated in the reservation form with a debit or credit card.

The tour operator is not responsible and does not refund amounts if the bank issuing your card deducts fees for the transfer.

The price indicated in the reservation form and the travel ticket is final, and includes all taxes and fees according to the Bulgarian legislation.


Excursion contract

The contract for conducting an excursion (event) between the client and the tour operator is considered concluded from the moment when the client makes a valid payment for the service. The client receives a confirmation of the reservation made by the e-mail specified by him in the reservation form.

In order to perform the service and before its start, the customer should provide the paper carrier with the confirmation of the reservation. In case you do not receive a confirmation of the reservation on your e-mail, despite a valid payment or forget/lose the same, please contact us by e-mail info@tours4you.online or on duty +359 899 903 580. The client receives in addition to the confirmation of the reservation for the payment, and a ticket for the trip.

The tour operator accepts reservations for excursions (events), which are made no later than 24 hours before the time in which the service should be performed.

When filling in the reservation form, the client is obliged to provide information on whether any of the passengers is disabled, who uses a wheelchair or needs other special care during the trip, so that we can take the necessary measures to ensure a suitable vehicle.



Changes in the reservation made regarding the number of participants, the date of the event, the time of travel, etc., the client has the right to make no later than 24 hours before the time in which the service should be performed on the duty phone +359 899 903 580 or email info@tours4you.online.

The tour operator is not responsible in case the trip was not realized due to inaccurate, incomplete or incorrectly filled in information from the client in the reservation form, as well as in case the client does not notify about changes in his trip.


Conditions for the realization of the trip

The tour operator reserves the right to refuse to perform the service to a person who is or appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or whose conduct is considered to pose a threat to employees, the vehicle or other customers. In a case like this, the tour operator will not refund to the customer the price paid by him.

The exact time for the realization of the excursion is chosen by the client when making the reservation. The client should comply with the requirement to appear at the specified place at the exact time. The tour operator is not responsible for skipping a trip if the passenger does not arrive on time.


Refusal to render the service

Free cancellation

The Client has the right to cancel the service without paying a penalty 24 / twenty – four / and more hours before the date of the service.

The cancellation of the excursion should be done electronically at the following e-mail address info@tours4you.online.

The tour operator shall refund to the Client the amount on the account from which the funds have been received from the Client within 14 /fourteen/ days after receiving the notification for refusal.

The tour operator is not responsible and does not refund bank fees if the bank issuing the customer’s card deducts fees for the refunded amount. All bank fees regarding the refund of the amount to the client are at the expense of the client.

The client owes a penalty to the tour operator in the following cases:

-in case of cancellation of the excursion up to 24 /twenty-four/ and a few hours before the date of the service – penalty 100% /one hundred percent/ of the price paid.

-In case the client does not appear on the requested day and time for the trip, he shall lose the right to a refund of the price paid by him – a penalty of 100% /one hundred percent/ of the price paid.


Exclusion of the tour operator’s liability in case of force majeure

The following unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances should be considered as “force majeure” under these general terms and conditions: severe weather conditions – heavy rains, storms, floods, hail, earthquakes, landslides and other natural disasters; pandemics and epidemics; technical accidents of vehicles; the need for the tour operator to obey police orders; accidents and other road accidents; fire, explosion, acts of terrorism, riots; strike actions of third parties; closed roads due to accidents, catastrophes or other causes; as well as other circumstances beyond the control of the Tour Operator.

The tour operator is not responsible and does not cover losses and / or damages that may be incurred as a result of “force majeure”.




In order to use the website of the Tour Operator and the services it provides, each client must fill in a reservation form and make a payment, for which purpose he must indicate information such as name, surname, credit card number, card validity date, card owner’s name. We need this information in order to conclude a contract for a trip (event) and for the making of the payment. Based on this information, the customer receives a confirmation and a ticket with a serial number and other information related to the contract. The tour operator is the sole owner of the information received. The tour operator will not provide this information to third parties. The client’s personal data is collected, processed and stored in accordance with the privacy policy of the Tour Operator, which is published on the website (http://tours4you.online/)



The tour operator uses SSL (encrypted data transfer) technology in order to ensure the secure transmission of credit/debit card data during the reservation of the transport service. SSL is the most popular method used to securely transfer credit card information as well as transfer confidential data over the Internet. Your credit/debit card details are used once only, to service the specific reservation.



The client has the right to make a complaint about the quality of the service within 14 days of its performance by sending a written complaint to our email address info@tours4you.online. The complaint should be accompanied by confirmation of the reservation and payment for the service provided. The tour operator shall review the complaint and send a response to the client within 14 days of receipt of the complaint.

In case of a positive answer, the Tour Operator refunds within 14 /fourteen/ days to the Client the amount on the account from which the funds have been received from the Client.

Upon refund of the approved amount of the claim, the Tour Operator is not responsible and does not refund bank fees if the bank issuing the card deducts fees for your refund. All bank fees for the refund to the customer are at the customer’s expense.


Applicable law

Any disputes arising from non-fulfilment or incorrect fulfilment of the General Terms and Conditions will be resolved through negotiations, and if impossible will be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria. The place of jurisdiction is the competent Court in the city of Varna, Bulgaria.

The tour operator reserves the right to change or supplement these Terms and Conditions unilaterally without notifying the user.


These conditions are in force from 01-June-2020.





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