Summer Resort Albena, Bulgaria

The seaside resort Albena is like a fairy tale, started by a few statesmen and finished by countless tourists who first saw it and then told it at home.

Albena is a resort of closed type. Nestled between the Black Sea, the small river “Batova” and the plateau of Dobrudsha, it lies about 30 km north of Varna. The shallow seashore, the beautiful strip of sand, the exotic vegetation in the small park Baltata and the pleasant climate are the best conditions for the development of tourism here, turning the place into a popular holiday destination for everyone, especially for families with children.

The design of the seaside resort was commissioned by the Bulgarian architect Nikoli Nenov. In early 1967 it was decided that the seaside resort should be named “Albena”, after the story of the same name by a Bulgarian writer named Yordan Yovkov. It is believed that the name comes from the Latin word “Albus” and means “white”.

The construction of the resort ran in a total of 7 stages. In the first only 9 hotels, 4 restaurants and 2 restaurants are built. Immediately afterwards, in August 1969, the official opening of Albena took place in front of the hotel “Dorostor”. The first guests from abroad came from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In the years after that more and more hotels were opened. In 1978, the seaside resort got its present dimensions and was proud of its 40 hotels for almost 13,000 guests. The tallest house in the village was built later. The “Dobrudzha Hotel” is a major contributor to the development of balneology in Albena. The best 5-star hotels that we recommend are “Hotel & SPA Flamingo Grand” and “Maritim Paradise Blue Hotel & SPA”.

Location of Albena

Albena is a small piece of Eden, which is located in the northeast of Bulgaria. The summer holiday resort is “hidden” between green forests and sunny beaches and is easily accessible because of its proximity to Varna International Airport, which is only 39 km away. Find here the best prices for airport transfer to Albena. In the area you can visit other interesting seaside resorts: Balchik is only 8 km away; Golden Sands – 13 km, and the city of Varna – 30 km south.

What to do in Albena

Summer vacation on the beach

In Albena you will find some of the best beaches in Bulgaria, covered with fine golden sand. Recreation on the beach is your preoccupation in the summer, but the resort offers more activities and opportunities: Beach Library (the first in Europe), which opened in the 2013 year. It has more than 6000 books in 15 different languages that you can borrow for free. You can support the cultural exchange, and present your country’s literature to other visitors when leaving your own books.

– Visit the aquapark

If you are looking for more fun and adrenaline, AquaparkAquamania” is a good place for children, as well as for teenagers and adults.

– Sport in Albena

Another advantage of the resort its sports facilities. “Sports Center Albena” offers some of the greatest sports and leisure opportunities in this part of the world. You can try various activities such as football, tennis, water sports (surfing, windsurfing, water skiing, kayaking, etc.), beach golf, tennis, football and volleyball, or yoga on the beach. Some of the best golf courses in Bulgaria are located in the area: “BlackSeaRama Golf & Villas”, “Lighthouse Golf & SPA Resort” and “Thracian Cliffs Golf & Beach Resort”.

– SPA holiday

Because of the unique combination of wonderful sand, fresh air breeze with mineral water, Albena offers perfect conditions for a SPA & wellness holiday.

– Nature Reserve

Albena is also known for its small nature reserve “Baltata”, where you can walk and enjoy the green nature. The park is unique to Europe with its numerous plants and typical animals.

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The Best Excursions from Albena:

 Balchik - Kaliakra and Coastal Trip
Balchik – Kaliakra and Coastal Trip

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Alnena Resort

For 50 years Albena has been the most popular summer resort for many people due to its perfect beaches, beautiful nature and good facilities and amenities for tourism. If you are going to spend your summer holiday in Albena, find here our excursions that you could take from the seaside resort:

Alnena Resort


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