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TOP 10 Things to do in Nessebar, Bulgaria

Nessebar is one of the most popular summer resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The city has a very old history and rich culture. According to some evidence, the settlement has been founded around 3000 years B.C. by the Thracians. That’s why there is no doubt that Nessebar is the most ancient city on the Black Sea coast.

As a favourite summer destination, Nessebar provides excellent conditions for a relaxing holiday, places to visit and things to do. For good luck, nature has been very plentiful to the country and the region. The resort Nessebar offers beautiful golden beaches and green nature. In combination with cultural and historical sights, the destination turns into a magnet for many tourists. According to the municipality of Nessebar, during the summer season, 30 – 40 thousand tourists per day visit the Old town.

Nessebar is known for its high concentration of attractions, places to visit and sights, and the authentic Bulgarian spirit, which can be felt in every step of your stroll through the Old town. Do not wonder what to do in Nessebar, find here our list of the best things to do:

1. Visit the Old town of Nessebar

If you are that kind of tourist looking for cultural sights and museums, Nessebar is for sure your place. The Old Town of Nessebar is under the protection of UNESCO and this is much more of an “ordinary museum”. On the territory of a small peninsula with a length of 850 m. and a width of 350 m., you can stroll on cobbled streets among ancient ruins, fortress walls, churches and museums. The historical value of this place is immeasurable! And in addition, there are many restaurants and small shops for hand made souvenirs, that make the atmosphere unique. Read here what the travellers say about the Old Nessebar in TripAdvisor: Visit of the Old town of Nessebar is required for every tourist, that’s why every excursion or day trip to Nessebar will bring you there.

2. Relax on the beach

When it comes to a summer holiday, going to the beach is one of the main parts of the to-do plan. The coastline of Nessebar is 50 km long and there are several beaches – a small one in the Old Town and two more spacious in the New town – the Northern Beach and the Southern Beach. There are paid zone with sunbeds and umbrellas and a free zone. Many restaurants and bars cater to the tan-catchers. The unique combination of sea and mountains is the reason why many tourists come here every summer.

3. Aquapark Nessebar

If relaxing on the beach gets boring, and the sea is not enough, you can hit the slides of Aquapark Nessebar. It offers a huge variety of water slides, rivers and pools in Europe, so the slides suit all levels of daring. The most popular are: the King Cobra, the Space Shuttle, the Dragero Multislide, the Surf Simulator and many more. … apparently, only one day in the Aquapark won’t be enough. Aquapark Nessebar is perfect for a day out with friends and a great attraction for kids. Tickets are available online:

4. Go to a Party

Although Nessebar is the most popular cultural destination on the Black Sea coast, all the party seekers won’t be disappointed. The best party destination in Bulgaria – Sunny Beach is within a walking distance. Both resorts are connected. The hottest party places on the Black Sea coast are located on the beach in Sunny Beach (Cacao Beach), or in the centre. So let the Party starts! Actually, the closeness to Sunny Beach is a great advantage – noisy places are not close, and there are so many more attractions and things to do at your disposal!

5. Boat trip from Nessebar

As a coastal city, Nessebar has a port (actually 2), so you can rent a boat, yacht, catamaran, or participate in a boat excursion.

P.S. Find here our favourite boat trip to Saint Anastasia island:

6. Jeep safari

Another interesting thing to do in Nessebar is going on an off-road safari in the countryside. Tickets are available online on our website: The excursion includes off-road driving, visiting local villages and enjoying the green nature.

7. Excursions from Nessebar

The entire region around Nessebar hides many beautiful places to visit: historical places, nature reserves, traditional villages, big cities. You can participate in different day trips and tours and check the most popular sights. On our website you will find all excursions with transport from Nessebar, available online:

Jeep Safari
Jeep Safari

Off-road experience in local villages, honey tasting:

Island Trip
Island Trip

Excursion to Burgas city & Island trip to St. Anastasia from Burgas Port:

Burgas Weekly Market
Burgas Weekly Market

The picturesque street market + free time in Burgas:

Nessebar Panorama Tour
Nessebar Panorama Tour

Free time in the Old town of Nessebar (UNESCO):

The Romance of the Southern Coast
The Romance of the Southern Coast

Sozopol (UNESCO) and boat trip in Ropotamo river (natural reserve):

Nature & Advanture
Nature & Advanture

Off-road jeeps in natural reserve + folklore program in a local village:

8. Diving in Nessebar

Enjoy some diving in the Black Sea! Activities for beginners and advanced with professional instructors.

  • NEMO diving centre (which specialized in scuba diving) is located in the Yacht Port of Nessebar and provides the very latest in diving equipment – gear, compressors, teaching materials, a training room, retail space, transport, a boat, etc.
  • Anoxic Divers (ex. Angel Divers) – has a new TUSA scuba equipment. You can try diving, scuba diving, snorkelling, fun diving, wreck diving, boat diving, night diving, Padi, open water diving course, adventure diving, advanced course.

9. Go Shopping

The are many beautiful small shops in the Old town. Souvenir shops and hand-made workshops will catch your eyes on every corner. Also, there are bigger boutiques in New Town. If you are looking for shopping malls – Burgas (the second-largest city on the Black Sea coast) is only 35 km. away. As you already know, there are excursions and day trips to Burgas, so you do not need to carry on organization 😉

10. Wine tasting

Bulgarian wines are famous for their quality and reasonable prices. For all wine connoisseurs, do not miss the Winery “Mesembria” (in the central part of the Old Town). While tasting selected local varieties, you will learn some interesting historical facts about Bulgarian wine. You can also buy some fine tasty “souvenirs”. 😉 It is in the TOP 3 of the best attractions in Nessebar on TripAdvisor.

P.S. 11. The Mill

The Mill is the symbol of Nessebar! In the near past, every postcard sent from Nessebar was with the Mill on it. Now, every post on Instagram with location Nessebar is with the Mill. You can not miss it on the main road between the New town and the Old town. You can make beautiful panoramic photos from this spot and enjoy some time on the benches near it, relaxing in front of the sea…

With so many things to do and attractions, Nessebar will win your heart and should be definitely your next destination! This small place has so much to offer! Explore its numerous medieval churches, Roman and Byzantine landmarks, all located within a few steps from each other!

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